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Nnollo solutions are available through a desktop-accessible service and a cellphone app (currently available for Android only).

API Services

Developers can integrate SMS solutions into their services (websites, systems, cellphone apps, etc) by making use of our simplified REST API. To request Nnollo API Token for testing, hit us with an email at support@nnollo.com. We'll also send you our API Documentation and sample source codes.

Social Bulk SMS

Nnnollo enables you to send bulk SMS with graphics & video, and possibility for recipients to interact with it. The platforms offers much more improved Message Scheduling, nGroups, Contacts Management, and Analytics solutions.

An SMS sent through Nnollo instantly becomes a social media post, such that recipients can interact with it, 'like' it and access its discussion thread at a later date.

Our SMS rates are the cheapest in the region. If you can find any service cheaper than us, let us know (info@nnollo.com), we'll beat it.

Automated Voice Messaging

With our Voice messaging solution, you can broadcast your message through a voice call directly to your customer’s mobile or landline phone worldwide.

Why Voice Messaging?

  • Voice messaging is a great way to add a human touch to your communications, making it more personal and engaging and it provides a fast and convenient way to give customers information.
  • Using Voice, you can increase the effectiveness of your outbound communications using our key pad menu option, allowing customers to request a callback, answer a question or opt out of future voice messages using simple key commands on their phone.
  • For the visually impaired, voice messaging is an effective messaging solution that overcomes the many challenges faced when navigating a phone or reading an SMS. With Voice, a visually impaired user can respond to your voice message by using familiar key commands on their phone.

Two Way Communication via App

Engage with customers effectively through our cellphone app. Your customers can optionally download the app for enhanced interaction with your brand, and to enjoy lots of messaging services for individuals.

Cross-platform Messaging

Nnollo allows brands to optionally post to their other social media accounts whenever they send messages through the platform. Individuals are also able to use the Nnollo cellphone app for social networking, sending SMS, and updating their other social media accounts.


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